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Updated 01/10/12

Dear Prospective Amazon Builder,

We appreciate your interest in building with Insulating Concrete Forms.  ICF’s are a superior way to build an energy efficient and disaster resistant building.  We feel that Grid-WALL™ and Grid-CORNER™ is the easiest ICF system to use on the jobsite. It also is environmentally friendly, being made with recycled expanded polystyrene.

Grid-WALL is a composite of recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS, Styrofoam™) that is saved from the land fills.  85% (by volume) of Grid-WALL is recycled EPS, and 15% is cement.  This gives a block with the best of both worlds—the insulating qualities of Styrofoam™ with just enough cement to give the block some structural integrity.  You can cut Grid-WALL with any saw.  And yet, you can build the first level, place your trusses and decking for the 2nd floor, and walk on the decking to pour the concrete in the first level!  Grid-WALL requires minimal bracing for pours. 

  • Grid-WALL will not support combustion even if burned with a blow torch.  Any shape or angle can be easily cut with any saw. Even round towers can be built with Grid-WALL.
  • Grid-WALL is a form for a concrete post and beam grid-work.  Because reinforced concrete construction is so strong, Grid-WALL can withstand winds up to 200 MPH (with proper engineering).
  • Termite and insects cannot eat or burrow into Grid-WALL.  No insecticide additive is necessary for our blocks.
  • Grid-WALL’s combination of insulation and thermal mass creates a structure that can reduce energy consumption over 50% as compared to traditionally built wood framed walls.

Erection time is cut with Grid-WALL—it goes up fast and easy.  If your builder can run a saw and a level, he can build with Grid-WALL.  No mason is required—the best person to build with Grid-WALL is a carpenter!  It is forgiving of changes and errors until it is filled with concrete. The concrete poured into the block actually binds to Grid-WALL, leaving no gaps for insects.

Grid-WALL has enough structural strength that you can attach screws to it anywhere on the block.  It will also accept stucco (traditional cement stucco and acrylic stucco) without any lath or mesh.  It’s just like icing a cake!  You can reduce your stucco costs and installation times by using Grid-WALL.  ANY finish may be used though—rock, brick, siding, but stucco is the least expensive and easiest finish.

The following link will take you to our comprehensive website:  WWW.amazongridwall.com  We feel confident that once you compare building systems, you will choose to build with Grid-WALL.


Manufacturer of Grid-WALL