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Updated 06/13/06

Dear Prospective Arxx Builder,

Arxx Walls & Foundations is North America’s leader in the manufacture, distribution and sales of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs).  Arxx forms are manufactured and shipped from nine manufacturing facilities across North America and are installed in a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional structures.  Built with a reinforced concrete core sandwiched between two layers of expanded polystryrene, Arxx walls are a unique “stay in place” system in which the form becomes a working component of a structure’s exterior walls.

Arxx walls are incredibly energy efficient, reduce sound transmission, and are stronger and safer than conventionally framed walls.  In fact, Arxx walls can achieve an effective R-Value of up to R-50, which means that homeowners can often save dramatically on their heating and cooling costs when they choose to use Arxx as a component of their home.  Walls constructed with Arxx can also withstand hurricane force winds and have a UL/ULC fire resistance rating of up to 4 hours.  Plus, Arxx forms are the only ICF with exposed furring strips which allow for a strong “solid to solid” attachment for all finishing materials (such as drywall, siding and stucco).  This feature makes Arxx the ICF of choice for sub-contractors. 

Arxx ICFs are available for purchase from a number of fine building products distributors across North America, with Contractor Training programs held on a regular basis.  The Arxx Team provides the most comprehensive support in the ICF industry, with a Customer & Technical Service Department that provides additional assistance to contractors for specific construction challenges. 

For more information on Arxx Walls & Foundations, please visit www.arxxwalls.com or call 1-800-293-3210.