Updated 07/30/06

Dear Prospective BuildBlock Builder,

Why Choose BuildBlock™ Insulating Concrete Forms over the competition? Here are a few features to consider when choosing the ICF for your project:

1. Fully Reversible

BuildBlock™ insulating concrete forms are 100% reversible while the vast majority of ICFs are non-reversible or only partly reversible. This means when you pick up a BuildBlock ICF block you don’t waste your time determining if the ICF needs to be turned up or down or left or right to be installed. With a reversible block like BuildBlock, it always fits no matter which way you turn it. When it comes to corners, one BuildBlock corner is the same for right or left applications. Non-reversible forms come in left and right hand corners which create several disadvantages. First, there will be times when you have picked up the wrong corner and will have to put it down and search for the right one. This can waste valuable time and be quite frustrating. Second, when you get to the last course there is a good chance you will have the wrong corners (left or right) remaining. The waste factor for a fully reversible form can be as little as 1 or 2%, while waste factors of 5% or more are common with non-reversible forms.

2. Corner Blocks

BuildBlock 90° and 45° corner insulating concrete forms are 6" longer on each leg than the industry standard. This eliminates many hours of extra corner bracing and extra strapping. The longer corner blocks prevent corners from pulling out and head joints from opening up, which can result in blowouts or in a wall that isn’t plumb or straight. The extended corner form significantly reduces corner shifting and enhances the overall stability of the pour.

3. Numbered and Marked Cut Lines

BuildBlock insulating concrete forms have horizontal and vertical cut lines on both sides of the block which allow for much faster and more efficient installation . The ability to pick a horizontal line for your window and door headers saves time in the field. There's no need for a level to mark a line to cut on. There's no need to measure your vertical cuts. Simply note the measurement number on the block and cut on its line for a custom cut piece that fits every time.

4. Interlocking Horizontal Connections

BuildBlock ICFs easily stack and securely lock into place using interlocking connections, greatly reducing the need for tape or glue. BuildBlock’s 1-inch repeating connection pattern eliminates block alignment issues. This "self alignment" significantly reduces waste and the need for glue.

5. Half Height Form

No need to order special height forms: BuildBlock insulating concrete forms are easily cut in half to make 8" height blocks. With BuildBlock's completely symmetrical web design, the half height form needs no additional bracing. Also, you can use both halves thus eliminating the waste and the extra cuts needed with other forms.  The built-in rebar scallops on the inside of the web will hold your rebar in place.

6. Web Spacing/Attach Points

BuildBlock ICFs have high-denisity plastic webs on 6-inch centers. Most ICF forms have 8 to 12 inch spacing on the webs, which reduces their plastic costs along with the over all performance and quality. BuildBlock's 6-inch spacing eliminates the scallop effect of the concrete pressure distorting the blocks on the outside during the pour and reduces the chance of blowouts. Having two extra furring strips per block per side (which are part of each web) give sheet rockers more attachment points to fasten to. Webs are expensive and having two more webs per form makes BuildBlock the best value on the market. All furring strips are 15" tall by 1½" wide per 16" course and have two distinctive marked (sweet) spots on each furring strip at 8 inch centers vertically and 6 inch centers horizontally. Marked with a "BB," these spots have a screw pull out strength that is roughly equivalent to wood or structural steel studs (close to 500lbs). Deeper “snap-in” re-bar saddles accommodate two #5 re-bar and the patented corner tie is 6" x 6" wide and 2.5” tall for simplified corner attachments. All ties or furring strips are recessed ½-inch to allow stucco or EFIS applications as approved by the manufacturers.

7. Online Ordering and Pricing

Last year we introduced our MyBuildBlock Online Ordering System, the first of its kind in the industry.  Using MyBuildBlock you can view pricing, get freight estimates and configure truckloads, as well as place, pay for and track orders. This allows you to conduct business whenever its convenient for you -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you for considering BuildBlock insulating concrete forms. We hope you will visit our website and contact us for more information and personal attention.

Best Regards,


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