Updated 05/18/2006

Dear Prospective CelBlox Builder,

CELBLOX Insulating Concrete Forms are designed with the builder in mind.

CELBLOX patented tri-fold design:
While there are other ICFs that ship as a flat product, many of them require on-site assembly.  When CELBLOX ICFs arrive, you simply pop them open and set them in place.

We developed our patented tri-fold design to make your job easier. Because CELBLOX ICFs can fold flat, you save money on shipping, you save space on your job site and you save time during construction.

CELBLOX web and ties are made from pure virgin polymer:
While other ICF products use the lowest quality scrap regrind polymer for their web and ties, CELBLOX web and ties are made from the highest quality 100% pure virgin polymer.

Pure virgin polymer webs and ties:

  • CELBLOX webs have superior fastener retention - about the same as a wood 2x4 - and do not crack during winter applications or when air-nailed

  • Better fastener retention means that CELBLOX ICFs have the strength to hold cabinets

  • CELBLOX ICFs are an overall stronger ICF which virtually eliminates the chance of blowout

CELBLOX web and have a superior engineered design:
Many ICF products are made with undersized webs (which cause finishing problems) and/or a convoluted tie system (which restricts cement flow during the pour and leads to voids in the wall). CELBLOX webs and ties are specifically engineered with strength and efficiency as top priorities.

Superior engineered design of web & ties:

  • CELBLOX ICFs have a full width web (1.5 inches) that runs the "full height" of the ICF for easier application of siding and drywall.

  • CELBLOX ICFs have a solid-bar tie system which allows a superior flow of concrete, decreasing pour time and eliminating voids.

CELBLOX ICFs are purchased directly from the manufacturer:
While other ICFs are often purchased from third party dealers, CELBLOX ICF are purchased directly from the manufacturer. This ensures that all your technical questions are answered correctly and avoids the hassle and worry of stock-outs. 

Purchasing directly from the manufacturer also allows you to get a better quality product at a competitive price.

Cellox, LLC offers on-site factory building options:
While other ICF manufacturers simply sell their product, Cellox, LLC will train you on how to build ICF walls and even build the walls for you.



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