Updated 05/18/06

Dear Prospective Eco-Block Builder,

Would you be interested in a construction method that will let you bring your project in on-time and on-budget? What if you could offer your customer an added value of energy savings and durability?  And as a bonus, no worrying about call-backs? What system can deliver all this?  ECO-Block.   A time tested and proven material: concrete – wrapped in a double blanket of permanent insulation.  Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) – a winning combination.  

A straightforward solution - This innovative technology offers one of the most straightforward solutions to achieve the high level of performance expected in today’s construction industry.  The concrete for ICFs is engineered according to the known calculations of ACI 318.  CAD drawings are a snap with a full set of design details and no mandatory modulus. ICFs can be adapted to designs of any height or shape, such as arches and radius walls. Code officials appreciate concrete’s structural strength and straightforward reinforcement.

Just one crew - With one ECO-Block crew, you get a structural concrete envelope, a vapor barrier, insulation and a studded wall that offers much more: 
engineered to withstand 200 mph winds, with only rebar reinforcement.
inorganic material that won’t rot or mold, nor will it harbor insects or termites
4 - hr fire rating for non-combustible construction
an STC rating of 51 - with just one simple layer of sheetrock
meets all codes for the new stringent wind and seismic resistance

Energy Savings - Whether Energy Star, the US Army SPiRiT or any other guidelines, ECO-Block is a step above any other building material.  The monolithic reinforced concrete wall forms an air-tight barrier which contributes to reduced HVAC sizing, substantial savings on utilities and improved indoor air quality. All this adds up to significant contributions to the USGBC LEED™ optimizing energy credits.  In addition, ECO-Block contains recycled material and is manufactured locally.

ECO-Block paves the way - ECO-Block®, LLC is known for leading edge technology, service and training. With manufacturing strategically located throughout North America, we can deliver on-time and meet your quantity orders. Our technical support cannot be beat.  And for customers with projects over a large geographical area, we offer our National Alliance Program for reliable pricing.

ECO-Block is there for you - We have the experience in commercial and residential buildings to help make your project a success. Our training program reaches throughout our distributors, carpenter’s unions, and from hands on training on ECO-Block jobsites. These experienced contractors are available to work on-site with your own crews or sub-contractors.   Whatever it takes to make it work right the first time, we will be there for you.

Let us show you how ECO-Block can help your project be successful!


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