Updated 06/05/06

Dear Prospective Fox Blocks Builder,

With a decade of experience in manufacturing ICF blocks, Airlite Plastics decided to create a new block that could “outsmart” other designs, offer a better value and contribute to environmentally sustainable construction.

The result: Fox Blocks, a clever new design in ICF wall systems that is engineered and manufactured for the residential and commercial construction industry.

Fox Blocks is construction friendly...
Easy-to-use reversible, pre-assembled ICF blocks reduces waste and speeds construction
Exceptionally strong ties allow for less shoring
Special corner brackets for additional strength and easy application of veneer finishes
Larger and more durable inter-locking block connection makes the assembly process much easier at the job site
Deeper key-way connection at the ends of the block provides an improve fit during the installation process

Fox Blocks is competitively priced and a great value...
Our low prices and clever design make Fox Blocks an excellent value

Fox Blocks is one of the only ICF companies to design and manufacture its own blocks and ties -- every block, every tie, every time

Fox Blocks comply with ICF industry building codes, in the USA, Canada and abroad. The ICF product is independently tested by UL Laboratories

Fox Blocks contributes to the environmentally sustainable economy our country needs. Buildings constructed of ICF blocks are among the most energy efficient -- and as a result are reducing our country’s dependence on fossil fuels and contributing to the environmentally sustainable economy our country needs.

Our name says it all. Like the fox, Fox Blocks is the design that outsmarts the others — clever, environmentally friendly, quick and adaptable to even the most extreme conditions.

Visit or call 1-877-FoxBlocks.com for more information.



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