Updated 05/28/2006

Dear Prospective Greenblock Insulated Conrete Forms Builder,

Greenblock® Worldwide Corporation, headquartered in Stuart FL, is a manufacturer, marketer and installer of Insulated Concrete Forms for the residential and commercial construction industry. With fourteen manufacturing and warehouse facilities located strategically throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, Greenblock is ideally positioned to provide short delivery lead times and lower freight rates throughout most of North America. 

Greenblock offers a full ICF product line including fixed-web blocks in 6 and 8 inch core widths and assemble-on-site panel systems in 4, 6, 8 and 12 inch core widths. We are also the only ICF company to offer in-house installation services featuring trained employee crews, company owned trucks, wall alignment systems, steel rebar and concrete placement.

Greenblock's reputation as the "toughest block in the industry" derives from its design origins in Europe over 40 years ago. Web ties on 6" centers, a Lego-type connection system, interior dovetail channels and a flat wall design create walls that are straight and "true" with optimal strength and concrete flow requiring minimal bracing. Our customers report that with Greenblock they're off the job faster and have fewer callbacks.

Homes and buildings constructed with Greenblock ICF's look like any other house, but when you look beneath the surface you'll see why our walls are far superior to stick or concrete block built structures:

  • The expandable polystyrene foam in Greenblock walls provides a consistent R-24 over the life of the product. Couple this with the lack of air infiltration in an ICF wall and building owners can expect heating and cooling bills to be reduced by as much as 50-70%.
  • Greenblock walls provide superior protection against extreme weather events like hurricanes and tornados because they are built with solid steel-reinforced concrete...the strongest building materials you can use.
  • Building in a noisy area? Greenblock walls provide a quiet sanctuary for their occupants achieving a Sound Transmission Classification of 50 or higher, virtually eliminating noise such as traffic and airplanes.
  • And Greenblock structures are healthier. Indoor air contaminants are greatly reduced and the EPS foam used in ICF's does not provide support for the growth of mold or mildew.

Greenblock has building code approvals (ICC/ICBO ER5872, Florida FL6193, Los Angeles County Pending), engineering and CAD design services. So whether you're a production builder with several subdivisions, a general contractor building a few homes a year or a home buyer thinking of building your own home, Greenblock has the products, locations, experience and resources to help make your project a success


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