What IntegraSpec ICF Says About Their Own Product...
Updated 06/09/06

Dear Prospective IntegraSpec Builder,

Thank you for your interest in IntegraSpec ICF.
IntegraSpec's unique and patented design is "User Friendly" from tooth to tail.
IntegraSpec ICF is manufactured across North America, and shipped in manageable bundles wrapped in white plastic.
IntegraSpec ICF panels have clearly marked 1" cut lines that assist in layout and windows/doors placement and reduce waste.
The web/spacers lock together during installation thus eliminating form float/lift. Other ICFs use glue or tape to attempt to deal with form lift.
The IntegraSpec inserts or "rails" are in contact with each other creating a vertical spine every 8" on center, inside and outside face. The benefit of this feature is the elimination of form compaction during concrete placement. Other ICF companies request that a gap be left over the doors and windows to compensate for form compaction.
The IntegraSpec inserts are manufactured with "HIPS" plastic, not cheaper polypropylene.
This designed plastic provides a 153 pound pull test and therefore, IntegraSpec ICF is authorized for use in high wind, coastal, hurricane and tornado prone areas.
This unique feature of using "HIPS" plastic also increases the strength of IntegraSpec ICF. Form failure/blowouts are eliminated because the "HIPS" plastic fuses to the EPS during manufacturing at the intense temperatures of the steam used to expand the insulation. Pour with confidence up to 10' continuous, creating a truly monolithic concrete core and reduced pump truck time. Free standing IntegraSpec walls have exceeded 36”.
Please note the "Dovetailed" groves on the inside or concrete face of the IntegraSpec panels.
This feature guarantees a permanent contact with the IntegraSpec form and the reinforced concrete cavity.
What are the benefits?
The best Stucco warranties in the business and Air Infiltration Control.
The concrete will not shrink away from the form. Since Energy Efficiency or "R" Performance is the combination of Insulated Thermal Mass and Air Infiltration Control, it is a small wonder that IntegraSpec ICF projects win Energy Efficiency Awards.
An IntegraSpec residential project in Nova Scotia, Canada had a "Blower Door" test performed at 55 Pascal's and scored an amazing .20 air changes per hour. This is truly amazing when compared to the average North American home at 4 air changes per hour and the R-2000, EnerQuality Corporation maximum standard of 1.5 air changes per hour!
These "Dovetailed" groves also perform another function, they accept the IntegraBuck System. Forget about pressure treated wood, spruce, plywood, or vinyl window bucking systems. These IntegraBucks are very cost effective up front and installed with zero waste. No carpentry skills or tools required.
The IntegraBucks are also Energy Efficient. With a Wood buck system, the wood will shrink away from the concrete and vice versa. This antiquated methodology creates Air Infiltration around window openings, here we are, back to “R" Performance again!
Stucco enthusiasts immediately recognize the benefits of the one material substrate surface provided by the IntegraBuck technology.
IntegraSpec's patented ICF technology includes the unique and original "flippable/reversible" interlock design.
This innovative breakthrough eliminates wastes and reduces on site Installed Cost. No top, no bottom, no right, no left...............The only Independent Panel ICF puts the table saw back onto your construction sites. Cut window sills, headers, gables, and variable wall heights accurately and quickly.
Imagine cutting gable ends............cut the right side/ inside gable and take the cut off parts and install them on the left side/ outside gable, Professional Accuracy, fast installation and ZERO waste! IntegraSpec's complete ICF Product line includes; Brick ledge, 45o corners, taper tops etc. IntegraSpec is a "Commercially" designed ICF that you can use in residential foundation construction...not the other way around...........
IntegraSpec's Award Winning Wallsystem features; 4",5",6",8",10",12" web/spacers and our unique "H" clip that connects the web spacers together creating any concrete core thickness specified. We have successfully poured 48" thick concrete cavity IntegraSpec walls!
Design freedom is unlimited with IntegraSpec's versatile product line. For example, our Brick ledge panel can also be used as an architectural relief. The use of different web/spacer thicknesses can easily create vertical or horizontal reliefs.
Please visit our www.integraspec.com "Projects” section and look at the tower on David Lindsey's, 160,000 square foot Grande Caribbean project.
IntegraSpec ICF was recognized at this year's International Builders Show, Orlando, Florida. ICF Builder, Mapleton, Utah awarded Succession Group's Retirement Home project with the Best Heavy Commercial ICF Project 2005 AND Best ICF Project Overall 2005!
This award took into consideration, all of the above and IntegraSpec's Exposed Concrete Face (ECF). This very unique feature was used in the construction of the 10 stories of elevator shafts in the building. With IntegraSpec’s Independent Panel design, we used standard IntegraSpec panels on one side to reduce noise, insulate, and provide furring for the sheetrock. The web/spacers were the rebar platform for the structural stability and we used removable plywood strips in the elevator shaft side to meet the strict fire code specifications. This easily separated IntegraSpec from the competition and made the judge's decision very easy!
Please consider researching and considering Radiant Floor Heating and Geothermal.
These systems compliment IntegraSpec ICF structures and IntegraSpec ICF compliment Radiant Floor and Geothermal systems.
The Insulated Thermal Mass and Air infiltration Control provided by IntegraSpec ICF require smaller and more efficient heating/cooling systems.
The "balancing" and performance of these systems in an IntegraSpec structure is very straight forward. The increased cost of purchasing these systems is quickly returned, especially in these times of Energy Cost uncertainty. Please call us toll free 800 382 9102, and we will gladly give you Radiant and Geothermal wwws and contact #s. Thank you again.


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