Updated 06/04/06

Dear Prospective TF System Builder,

TF System® – The Vertical ICF is the most versatile and efficient ICF available today for residential and commercial construction.  TF System’s vertical design mimics traditional concrete formwork.  TF System is the logical choice for established poured wall contractors.  TF System is also very easy to learn for owner-builders.  We offer superior technical service and training to ensure your project is a success. 

Description: TF System is a vertical “plank” or “panel” ICF consisting of four basic components.  The components are primarily friction fit and require minimal fastening.

  • Galvanized Steel C-channel

C-channel is fastened to the footing or slab and acts as a track for the EPS Panels.  C-channel is also placed on the top of the EPS Panels as a “cap” and acts as a waler to keep the wall straight.

  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Panels

The standard EPS Panels are 2.5 in. thick by 12 in. wide and available in any custom height up to 12 ft.  To achieve greater R-value, EPS Panels are available up to 4 in. thick.

  • I-beams

I-beams are available in either galvanized steel or rigid PVC.  Available in nominal concrete widths ranging from 4 in. to 24 in. and any custom height up to 12 ft.  I-beams are spaced every 12 in. along perimeter and serve as full height attachment studs.

  • Corner Sets

EPS corner sets are pre-molded and available in any custom angle to suit your needs.  Corners are also available with an embedded steel attachment strip.


NO Floating or Settling – TF System's vertical orientation eliminates horizontal joints thus eliminating this common problem with most ICF's.

NO Taping, Tying, or Gluing – TF System's vertical orientation eliminates the need for these timely and expensive procedures.

Interior Access – TF System’s vertical panels can be raised at any time during construction.  This is especially useful for retrieving dropped tools, tying rebar, or rebar inspection.

One Sided Installation – TF System allows for a one-sided installation.  For example, on a large project with a heavy rebar schedule, the forms can be erected using only the outside panels.  This allows for a separate crew to place and tie reinforcing steel.

Minimal Bracing – The design of TF System eliminates the need for vertical strongbacks and horizontal walers.

Windows and Doors – Openings can be framed out instead of cut out.

Fewer Splice Cuts – Panels can be ripped with a circular saw making splices or fillers easy.  No lining up foam notches, tabs, or ties.

Design Flexibility – TF System can accommodate virtually any design imaginable including curved and elliptical walls.

Increased Safety – TF System can be erected almost entirely from the ground level.  This greatly reduces the time on ladders or scaffolding resulting in a safer job site.

Concrete Consolidation – TF System’s design allows for internal consolidation with a mechanical vibrator.

Reduced Shipping Cost – TF System EPS Panels and I-beams stack tight greatly increasing the amount of material that will fit on a tractor-trailer.

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